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Having been out of the classroom as a learner for many, many years I was excited, yet terrified the first night.   Auditing this class was my first real attempt to prepare me to re-enter the business world.  What if I couldn’t handle the social media aspect of the class?  Yes, I have an MBA, but it’s a very old MBA.  What if I was ancient compared to the other learners and didn’t fit in?  What if the instructor turned out to be a total jerk?  In short, I was clueless as what to expect.

It turns out the class consisted of adult learners who were there to get their undergraduate degree.   The learners were female and these four women were enthusiastic, supportive, and had a great can do attitude.  The instructor , Kevin Bruny,  was definitely not “old school”.  His assignments required a great deal of time and thinking, but it was well worth the effort.

For the semester, U. of R. had chosen Kevin’s class to test school provided Ipads.  At first, the technology was overwhelming even though I had a MacBook.  I had never downloaded a e-book, much less been in a paperless class. The Ipad soon became my constant companion and I was sorry to leave it behind last night.  Often when completing assignments, I used both the Ipad and my Mac laptop concurrently.

Class assignments were challenging but each task had a purpose. We were exposed to an unbelievable array of social media, its purpose, and how to use it.    I learned to write a blog, use a wiki and twitter, and listened to Ted Talks.  Our final project was to develop a mobile learning plan using the ADDIE model and present it to our class.   This project culminated a semester of learning and has given me the confidence I lacked.

Most importantly, I have learned there is an amazing business world available at my fingertips.   I am more confident and resourceful.  I simply need to find my place and know I will be successful in a training and development career.  Thank you Kevin Bruny for allowing me to participate in your class.


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