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Using Personality Assessments for Personal Development

Since beginning my job search, I have taken three different personality assessment tests: Myers-Briggs, Strong Campbell Inventory, and most recently, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter11 (KTS11). These assessments have proven to be a great tool in developing personal career goals.

When challenged to take this KTS assessment for a class, I was particularly interested in learning the results in order to compare the results. For the most part, the KTS seemed somewhat in line with the Myer-Briggs and The Strong Campbell Inventory. The KTS proclaimed my temperament type Artisan ESFP vs the Myers-Briggs scoring of ENFJ. The KTS, while somewhat generic, approximated the results of the Strong Campbell Inventory. In all fairness, The Strong Campbell Inventory was much more detailed. I agree with the KTS description of my personality type as a risk taker, particularly when it leads to something that will make others happy. Also, it indicated that I like to solve problems and come up with creative solutions.

I believe that in general assessment tests can be an effective tool to manage personal development. Test results can lead to discovering strengths and desires. Particularly for a career changer, assessments can lend guidance in determining a career direction. These tools can uncover much about a person simply by asking personality related questions.

In order for assessments to be accurate and effective, the test taker must answer questions truthfully and not feel pressured to respond in a particular manner. The respondent must have a positive attitude about the test’s effectiveness as a career development tool. Otherwise, the results will be inaccurate.


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