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Employee Movtivation to Transfer Training Survey

One of our challenges this week was to survey employees as to their level of motivation to transfer what was learned during their most recent training class to their actual work environment. I interviewed three people that worked in the same office with the following professions: President/Trainer/Consultant, Vice President/Trainer/Consultant, and the Manager of Accounting, Loans and Administration.

I was surprised by the reaction of the two trainers as opposed to the Accounting Manager.
The President/Trainer of the organization tended to be a bit more negative than positive in her responses. About half of her answers and the ensuing discussion were somewhat skeptical as to the effectiveness of training received and the value it offered to her work environment. She felt she hadn’t obtained skills that were helpful in solving work-related problems and that it wasn’t realistic that the training would help her productivity. Prior to the training, she had given little consideration as to the content and didn’t consider projects or problems that training could help.
The Vice President/Trainer responded similarly to the President except that she strongly disagreed that the training was effective in helping her solve work related problems or improve work productivity. She had given little thought as to identifying problems/projects before training. She did feel trainers didn’t realize the amount of issues trainees experienced in applying training content.

The third respondent, a “non trainer”, answered her questions in a far more positive manner. She either strongly or somewhat agreed to all questions.
Possibly the subject matter had something to do with the responses. In the case of the Accounting Manager, her training involved learning software and budgeting techniques, and assessing loan applications all of which have concrete methods of doing business. She could immediately see the results of her training. In the case of the President and V.P., their training was more abstract and dealt with working with non-profit organizations. This training was more guidelines, suggestions, and creative tips.

Another factor to consider is that both the President and V.P. are experienced trainers and have seen quite a bit of ineffective training and trainers through the years. As I know them well from working for them, they are both extremely organized and meticulous about their training role. Their standards are probably higher that the average trainee attending a class. I’m sure they are a tough audience!


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